Hi, I'm Ruben Martinez-Cantin

That's me

This is my personal webpage, which is the hub to all my internet activity. You may browse around to find my work and writings as professor at the Defense University Center, as a free software developer or eventual blogger.

More about me

Bayesian optimization library

Recently, I have been working on a library for Bayesian optimization. This a field, half way between statistics and optimization, which adress the problem of optimizing a non-convex, expensive function based on some surrogate model. More exactly, based on a distribution of functions for the surrogate model. In practice, this means that the algorithm has memory (therefore, being more efficient) and can predict the probability of finding the optimum at any point. Therefore, it can find the global optimum of a complex high-dimensional function in few iterations (compared to other methods). You can check the code on my bitbucket repository.

Beautify Journal

Based on a set of scripts written by Andrej Karpathy to beautify the proceedings website of NIPS, I build a module that included also the way to beautify RSS, JMLR and potentially any conference or journal with open pdfs. The beautification includes topic detection and clustering (based on LDA), pdf thumbnails, etc.

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